Vehicle Tracking And Monitoring Devices

Real time GPS - The device is portable and easy to install. Just turn on the device, stick it to a metal surface and log into the website.&nsbp;Delayed GPS - Place the device inside the vehicle.


Delayed GPS - Place the device inside the vehicle. Simply take the device out when you are ready to view the information. Plug the device into a computer and simply follow the instructions to find out where the vehicle has been.


Voice Recorders

This device records up to 17 hours. It has an automatic shutoff when no noise is being made. When talking starts, it begins recording again. It also serves as an MP3/FM radio.


Cell Phone and Computer Monitoring

Cell phones can be altered to allow you to know what calls and text messages are being sent and received. This includes all deleted information as well as full text messages.

Software programs can be placed on computers to find out all sites that have been visited. The program will even show you ones that have been deleted. Key stokes can be logged to find out what is being typed and capture passwords to all secure sites. Porn detectors can also be placed on computers to find out what sites are being visited and possibly by whom.

All sorts of wireless and body worn cameras with audio and video to include:



Camera and Video Surveillance

In and outside of home, work or other locations. Also ones that can be placed inside vehicles. All have options that include text message/email alerts.

Lots of items to choose from; many may not be listed on this website. But; if you come to us with an item you need, we will find it for you at an affordable price.

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